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Lasting Impressions 2019: Speaker Presentations

Sadly, not everyone who wanted to attend Lasting Impressions 2019 was able to join us at the Pitt Rivers on 28th June. To provide a lasting online legacy for the event, we experimented with recording the lectures given by some of our speakers. The videos are freely available on YouTube and they can be found below.

Santa Jansone from the University of Latvia spoke on the topic of Late Iron Age Baltic Costume Replicas: Assumptions, Experiments and Practice, featuring some wonderful images of the replicas that she has produced as part of her research.

Laura Dudley from the University of Leicester delivered an insightful talk about her PhD project titled From Re-Construction to Co-Production: The Past and Present Authorship of Participatory Art Exhibitions.

Rebecca Knott from the V&A Museum gave a fascinating talk focused on key examples from the V&A’s copy collection, demonstrating how the value of copies lies far beyond its relationship to the original.

Monument Men's Lee Robert McStein completed the speaker programme with a discussion of his work on a set of unidentified archaeological plaster casts in the Egypt and Sudan stores at the Manchester Museum, revealing unexpected and astounding discoveries.

We also had the pleasure of being joined at Lasting Impressions 2019 by Dr Sally Foster, who delivered a keynote lecture which brought together many of the key themes addressed by the study day. Dr Foster spoke about how replicas are things in their own right, with their own lives and their own authenticity. A fantastic way to end our speaker session.

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